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Autumn Birch Trees - Confetti Method

Hello dear friends... I have really jumped into the deep end. I'm not sure I'm still on Planet Earth! I took a leap of faith today and tried confetti style landscape quilt art! You have to take all your precious batik scraps and cut them into the tiniest pieces and then sprinkle them where you think they might go! Shut the front door! Has someone lost their mind? How can you just sprinkle little fabric pieces and think it will work out??? Well, let's take a look...
I haven't even stitched and enhanced the trunks yet... and, I plan to "sprinkle more yellow leaves along with a few orange and red. I'm anxious to see what is going to happen... But, that will have to wait...

My sweet husband, Dick, and I are leaving tomorrow morning for the NC mountains and a wonderful week at Lake Lure with hiking, golfing... dining out... yum! I guess I have to leave my machine at home. Darn!

But, while we are out sight seeing, I have a planned route that will take us by two great…

My, oh my! Hot Apple Pie

I've just got to tell y'all about the apple pie recipe in the September edition of Southern Living. Just feast your eyes on this...

My DH found it and made it!!!

This luscious pie is made and baked in a cast iron skillet.  Before you put the crust in you make a caramel sauce. A nice gooey caramel sauce. Then you put the crust right over it in the warm pan. Add the apples according to the recipe, put the crust lid on top, paint it with an egg and sugar mixture and bake.

My, oh my... Hot apple pie!
Here's the recipe link:

Hugs from Mary

Another Sunset Beach Wall Hanging

Welcome Autumn weather! Our humidity is nearly gone and we now have cool nights. So, that means take picnic dinners to the beach, walk, swim, relax and watch the sunset. How on earth can that happen on the east coast of NC? When you look at the map of the eastern USA, you will see that a part of NC juts in and faces south. That's where we are. We sit on the beach and realize the sun rises on our left and sets on the right. Very weird feeling when you're trying to get your bearings.

So... with all this lovely evening beach time I start thinking about a quilt hanging. Here's the beginning. Not much to look at yet. I've done several things. I want a calm evening ocean, so the free motion stitching in the blue is relaxing simple lines. Perhaps I'll only stitch in a few white caps with the white silk thread. I'm also going to add a small amount of the white foam at the edge of the water with the same thread.
The dunes are not going to be as large as the area appears.…