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I've just finished two wall hangings. 

This first one is for my niece who has a cabin at Lake Tahoe. As you explore around the lake you will see clumps of Aspen, which are a beautiful sight in the fall. I relied on my memory of the aspens to create this art quilt. It is a modified confetti method.

This piece measures about 16X28". I used a batik background and drew in shadowy trees with a black sharpie. The aspen trunks are Stonehenge marble fabric. I also used some fine point pens to draw in details of the bark. I used a black thread to do an uneven zig-zag on the left side of the trunks to create a shadow and give dimension. 
The leaves are done with another Stonehenge marble. I cut pieces with pinking shears. I used a  basting spray on the background fabric and then laid the leaf sections on the tacky surface. To make sure it was all secure, I overlaid a dark gray netting and then zig-zagged the edges of the leaves with gold metallic thread.

This next art quilt is contempora…