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New Fabric!

I went fabric shopping... I really wasn't going to buy anything...Really!!!  But, I found this great shop in Winston Salem, NC. Karen Gray Design
Although there are not any batiks, it is loaded with modern fabrics from the hottest designers.  I got two great pieces to make into A-line skirts for our trip to Italy in September.  I found both in the "sale" area.
 Karen has a famous $6 a yard wall! Fabric to die for!
Here's the fabric for my fun skirts...

I'm going to use the Amy Butler pattern.
 My plan is to take T-shirts that will go with both skirts and pairs of black and khaki capris.
 This girl will be traveling lite!!!
I also got some darling fabric to make gathered skirts for these two cute little girls...

Meet my darling grandnieces, Avery and Caroline! Here is the fabric for the little skirts...

I thinik Avery, the older of the two - 5 years old - will get the green skirt. Caroline needs the Carolina Blue one. Sweet Caroline is a very talkative 3 year old.…
Welcome Blog Hoppers from Sew We Quilt!  I have so enjoyed visiting everyone's blog
and getting new ideas.  These table toppers are so fun. 
I'm posting a few days early because I'm off to visit my niece and her three sweet little girls. I haven't even hugged Elena yet. She was just born in February.  A sweet little Valentine for our family
 I started with a table runner and then knew I had to do a topper to go with it. The runner is a pattern by Karen Brown at Java House Quilts. (Sorry, I don't have that link.)  I adapted the pattern to fit what I wanted and have the runner sitting on our china credenza.   Someday my DH wants a koi pond in our backyard. I thought it would be fun to tease him with this runner.

(OMG, don't look at my toes in that picture! I haven't had my spring pedicure yet!)

Now the table topper....  We have a sweet old orange cat named Miss Puny Puss. I wanted to show her relaxing by the pond, maybe tired from teasing the koi... taking a n…