Friday, May 10, 2013

Koi Table Runner

I just finished this table runner using the pattern/directions
 in a previous post a week ago. 

The backing and border is one long hunk of  fabric 1/2 yard wide.
This pattern is so very easy.
The basic design is to sew a long tube and then finish the ends.

The picture below shows how I used one of the many machine decorative stitches
 to outline the picture/border

I backed the blue fabric with a fusible interfacing to stabilize the fabric
 for the Free-Motion quilting process.
I did not do any stitching on the blue - just the FMQing on the koi. 
When I use a metallic thread I use a metallic thread needle.
The eye is larger and the thread feeds smoothly.
The soft pink blotches were created by using
Ink Tense Colored Pencils and a water color brush.

The pattern for the koi is from Java House Quilts . 

Keep Stitchin' For the Ones You Love!

Hugs from Mary

Monday, May 6, 2013

New Wall Hanging

Well, as you can see in the previous post, I have donated the oak tree quilt and now have a bare wall above my old treadle machine.

Here is the replacement. 

We have so many Great Blue Herons and Great White Egrets that inhabit our coastal salt marshes.
We even have a large rookery where both types of birds nest high in the pine trees surrounding a pond. It is not unusual to see six to eight nests in a single tree. It is real apartment living!

I tried some new skills on this hanging. I wanted the full moon to have texture so I did areas of small circles. 
To the left of the moon I made a large nest in the dead tree by using a technique called needle lace. 
It is not a heron nest, they prefer pines. 
This is a typical Osprey nest which can be found everywhere in our neighborhood. Right now the females are sitting on eggs. The chicks usually hatch late May into June.

The picture below shows marsh grass. Rather than stitching it down flat on the edges, I chose to do one line of stitching right up the center. The effect gives a three dimensional look. I like that and think I'll do it again.

This large tree is shadowed on the right edge of the trunk by using a black Sharpie pen. I used a gold and cream variegated thread to show moonlight shining on the left side of the trunk. I think it works. I need to take some basic drawing lessons so that I'll understand all this better.

Again, here is the overall effect. I'm learning... Love doing this, but honestly have a ton yet to learn.

Hugs to you and keep stitchin' for the ones you love.