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Our Italian Adventure Captured in a Quilt

We just got back from a beautiful trip through the Tuscan region of Italy. Everything was more fabulous than I ever imagined it would be. We traveled with another couple and did it all on our own. No guided tours... we just followed my husband and hoped he knew what he was doing, as he hadn't been to Italy in 43 years!

I'm needing to make a quilt for our bed as a remembrance of the trip. I've got it nearly worked out in my head and just need to do some sketches, review pictures, buy fabric,..... it is all just so overwhelming! I know I want the main part of the quilt to be a depiction of the different marble floors we saw in the Duomos. I took lots of pictures of church floors!

 These first two pictures are from areas of the Vatican Museum. I think I was the only one looking down...

Here you see the floors of San Marco in Venice. As I was taking the pictures water was creeping in to flood parts of the church during high tide. Just amazing. Are these not examples …