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Completed on time... Beef Wellington!

I did it! I got down to task and completed the Beef Wellington... despite numerous interruptions from my sewing machine. Every time I went upstairs to grab something my sweet sewing machine would make me lose track of what I was doing... Hours later I would think, "Oh, the gourmet group is coming for dinner tomorrow night! Shouldn't I be cooking and cleaning rather than sewing?"
So here is my proof that I stayed on track, cleaned, cooked and set a beautiful table. Yeah!

I look so cool and calm... Ha! What a joke!
Keep stitchin' for the ones you love
Hugs from Mary

Sidetracked by a postcard!

Gee... wasn't I going to clean the house and then prepare the Beef Wellington?? It's only 11:10, I still have time. I was sidetracked by my friend's birthday. It's all Elizabeth's fault!! I went upstairs and there was my sewing machine begging for a few minutes of my time. I started thinking Elizabeth would love a postcard for her birthday. She would really love a picture of an egret in the salt marshes... it will only take a few minutes...
I can justify anything!

What fun! I think she will be very surprised! I'll be grateful if it even makes it!

Keep stitchin' for the ones you love!
Hugs from Mary