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Tanner's T-Shirt Quilt

Long time no post! I've been busy remaking a T-Shirt quilt for my niece's husband, Tanner. He has a collection of t-shirts from his adventures at Camp Olympia in Trinity, TX, both as a camper and a counselor. His mom had the t-shirts made into a quilt, but the lady didn't use the correct fabric color and the finished quilt wasn't quilted at all... it was tied with random tufts of yarn (again, the wrong color). So, enter Aunt Mary... "I'll redo that for you!"
Yikes... It took a while to rip all the squares apart. It took a while to remove all the bits of thread. It took a while to cut all the new backing squares (in red, the correct color). And, it has taken more than a while to quilt all the squares!  The caveat for me is knowing that my niece's little girls are going to have so much fun discovering all the letters and eventually reading all the words that I FMQed around.  Plus, it was all great practice in FMQing for me!
There are 16 squares in all... …