Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's For the Birds... Blue Birds!

Welcome & Thank You to Mary Winegar and Madamme Samm
for organizing and officiating this event! 

I'm sharing a Blue Bird table runner today.
The basic directions for making the table runner can be found several posts below.

Also... Hope you notice that I have a "Bird Series" tab above. 
Take a look...I love to do egrets and herons!

I made this runner as a birthday present for a sweet lady who
 loves beige and Blue Birds!
The runner can also be hung as a wall art panel.

The three blue bird sections are 8.5 X 11... 
Yep, you guessed it! I used my regular ink jet printer.
All you need to do is iron freezer paper on the back of the fabric,
carefully cut it to printer paper size, and then just feed it through fabric side down.

I chose pictures from a public domain site,
 making sure they predominately had a beige background.

Once I had the pictures printed on the fabric, I pulled
the paper off the back.
I stabilized the three pieces with a
 fusible interfacing on the back before 
doing the Thread Sketching of the birds.

I was pleased with the effect of the batik pattern showing as part of the background.

Having the photos of the birds showing made for easy thread sketching.
I also used fabric markers to emphasize some areas,
particularly the branches.

I then added the purple piping and finished off the backing/borders with mitered corners.
I also secured the whole runner by adding a decorative stitch
 in metallic gold along the seam lines
Metallic thread is easier to deal with if you use a metallic thread needle.
The eye is larger and the thread flows through more easily.

That's it!
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