Friday, February 24, 2012

Art Quilt Inspiration

So beautiful... Look what greeted me this morning as I walked out the front door with my cup of coffee... just wanting to roam the yard and pull a few weeds...

Are you inspired to do an art quilt? I may be... Love the way the sun is coming in and highlighting the ruffles of the petals.

Back to reality! Must hurry, I tee off in 45 minutes and still need to get dressed in proper golf attire which is just about anything except jeans.

Hugs to you from me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Koi Pond Progress

Working on this piece is very enjoyable. Sunday I used a high satin poly thread and FMQed the scales in the fish. I used some water soluble colored pencils to add highlights. I ended the day quite satisfied.  See for yourself....

I also stitched in wavy lines off the tails and fins to enhance the movement of the water. I tried adding some blue iridescent tulle over the above koi, but realized all my stitching of the scales disappeared. So, I ripped it off leaving a little around the edges. Not sure how I like that. I also added a partial second eye at the edge of the head. I think it makes the fish look more balanced

 I wanted this koi to have a more white/spotted look. It was stitched with a shiny white poly thread. I also used the pencils to enhance the pink tones in the fabric. I stitched in a mouth for a side view, but in reality that is not how we see fish when looking from above. It would have to be swimming on its side! Doesn't that usually mean you're about to have a funeral in front of the toilet??? I need to put in the partial second eye and
de-emphasize the mouth.

This was the the last fish I did... By this time I was getting smarter with FMQing the scales. I angled the scales  to make it look like the tail was really flipping. It's not perfect, but I think I may be on the right track.

Monday morning... I'm supposed to be playing golf... Shiver! It's cold, and the wind is howling. I'm a WIMP! I only submit myself to the frustration of golf when the temperature is above 50'!!! My brain says, "Cancel, Mary!" (Sometimes my brain has great ideas...)

So, there I was... happily up in my cozy sewing studio looking at the beautiful scales on the koi..... My brain said, "Gee, Mary, those scales sure would pop if you stitched them in a copper metallic thread..." See what I mean? Why didn't that thing between my ears suggest that yesterday?  Of course I can't ignore this great suggestion. I even decide that I should also go over the dragon flies with the copper metallic thread as well. I changed the needle to a metallic one, which is a good thing since the eye of those needles is larger and the thread doesn't kink, and got underway. I did not redo the white fish... but I may go over those scales in a silver metallic. We'll see.  Here's my result.

I also completed the FMQing of the water. I wanted a ripple effect. 

Today, I'm going to QUICKLY vacuum the house, walk, and then garden... Not sure about the garden part. I really want to add the lily pads to the water along with a few flowers.  I really do need to get the 
pre-emergence weed killer on the lawn and flower beds. It is so hard to choose between two things that you love to do. Garden or sew?? 

Keep stitchin' for the ones you love.
Hugs from Mary