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T-Shirt Quilt Completed!

Finally! This was a big project... Took longer than I thought it would... Okay, I confess. I took longer because January has been filled with too many gorgeous days... Perfect for golfing! I was hitting balls when I should have been sewing/quilting! Am I the only quilter who also loves to golf???  That's a whole different topic for another blog entry.  For now, I'll just display the T-shirt quilt and then get on to other projects calling my name!
I did each individual block as a quilt sandwich and then added strips of the red to bind them together. I love the method taught in Marguerita McManus' Crazy Shortcut Quilts. This is a fairly simple technique to learn and you never are pushing more than one row at a time through the machine. My friend, Elizabeth, did a California King size quilt using this same method. The squares of the T-shirt quilt are 15"X15".  That very manageable size made the Free Motion quilting fun and easy to do.  Once I had all the squares quilted, …