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A Ghastly Party... It's BYOB!

Welcome to Crooked Gulley's Ghastly Project!
If you go into the city tonight you're in for a scary surprise! For every Ghastly that ever there was Will gather there for certain because... Tonight's the night the Ghastlies are having their GALA!
What's that you say?? It's BYOB? I need a wine carrier that's made just for me? I've got it! I've found it!  
It screams, "LOOK and SEE!"

It's chic and carries the best Chardonnay, There's even more room for Merlot and Cabernet! Sparkly with pockets and secure compartments. And think of all the marvelous compliments!

There's room for a cheese board, knife, and bread, Oh what a marvelous, delicious spread! Check out the pockets for napkins and corkscrew.

How about the backside? It's cute and chic, too.

It's simply sublime, and I'll look divine!
And... now, I'm done with this silly rhyme!!!

     Well... I can hardly wait for the next BYOB party at my golfing community.

No more brown paper bags f…

Birch Tree Grove

I'm back to being artistic and adventurous with fabric... This is where I like to be... playing with colors and pretending that I know what I'm doing!
So... Here's my newest endeavor...

I have several landscape art quilt books that I've noted in previous posts. Both books advise to cut out shapes and use a regular glue stick to temporarily hold them on the background. Then you use invisible thread to attach permanently. Next you shade the tree trunk sides with oil pastels. Well... and this is where I usually get into trouble... I got to thinking... why attach with invisible thread and then shade with pastels... Why not shade and attach in one step. So, I used an irregular zig-zag stitch on my machine and stitched the left sides of the tree trunks with a dark poly thread and the right sides with a light gray poly thread... I love my results! I think it is shaded better than what I did on previous work with the oil pastels. And, I loved being able to thread sketch some d…

Funky Bear is finished

I have finished Emma Kate's baby quilt and will get it in the mail to her tomorrow. I added a bumble bee on one of the flowers because this summer we had a family reunion and called it the "Buzzin' Cousin" Reunion. Everything was bumble bees... even on our tee shirts that we made. Well, Emma Kate will be the newest "Buzzin' Cousin" when she soon arrives.

I also took the scraps from the quilt, added a daisy flannel fat quarter and made a mini quilt to keep in the diaper bag. That way Emma Kate's mommy will always have a clean place to put that cute pink bottom when changing the diaper on the go.

So here is Little Funky Bear all finished...

He is so very cute!

Now I'm free to start working on my art quilt projects. I'm anxious to get back to the trees!
Keep stitchin' for the ones you love!
Hugs from Mary