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The Italian Quilt if Finished!

Three years ago at this time my husband, Dick, and I were on a wonderful trip through the Tuscan Hill Country. Dick planned the whole trip based on what he remembered from visiting Italy 45 years prior! We traveled with another couple and forged our way through beautiful countryside, incredible vino rosso de casa, daily gelato, miles of walking, and the most incredible food!

When we got home I had to make a bedspread that told the story of our journey... So, 3 years later, the quilt is on the bed.

Take a look ~

The picture above is my representation of the floors in all the ancient catherdals. I saw almost the exact floor in St. Peter's Basillica. I used the Stonehenge fabrics from Northcott to do the large center. The fabric truly looks like slabs of marble! The cream colored fabric and the blue edge is from the La Scala collection by Robert Kaufman. Those two pieces so reminded me of the frescos. The covering over the pillows is also from the La Scala collection and takes my ima…
JUST finished THIS Wall Quilt For My niece.
I just finished making a golf cart sear cover for a friend.  It was very fun to do! Now, on to the next project.
So this  is a test to see if anyone reads this blog along with,  has stitched in the ditch while enjoying a glass of wine.....
If so, did the stitching get better, worse or did you really  care as the wine got less and less? 😀

Tuscan Window

I just finished a fun art quilt .  While we were visiting Italy, I  took lots of  photos  of windows in Hill Towns. I just had to create an art quilt wall hanging. And, I   just had to include our adorable kitty, named Taz, short for the Taz mania Devil

When doing art quilts of ancient European  architecture, all I   can say is thank goodness  for Stonehenge fabric!
so here you go..... A Tuscan Window...