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Little Vacation

Well, DH thought it would be fun to head down to Hilton Head Island for a little golf... We have friends visiting from CA, and they think it's also a grand idea.  I do too, but none of them smiled when I asked if I could take my sewing machine. DH thinks the golf clubs will keep me busy. DOES NO ONE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS THE BUSIEST TIME OF THE YEAR FOR A QUILTER???  Smile, Mary... Take a deep breath, Mary... Remember, no cooking dinners for the next 5 nights... Oh, yeah ;-)  That's a good thing. Besides, think how satisfying it will be to picture DH's face on the golf ball every time I hit it! (just kidding - I love him dearly)

Here's a poor picture of my latest art quilt that sold for $150 at our garden club's charity auction... I'm very happy about that! The pine boughs were FMQed with a double needle using two tones of green thread. I also left loose threads on the egret to look like feathers blowing in the wind.

Keep stitchin' for the ones you love. …