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The Farm

I have been working on so many things. Most recently, a commissioned piece! That's right! There is a person out there who is actually paying me to quilt! Wow!
This is to be a Christmas present to a ladie's daughter. The two girls are the granddaughters. With all of the animals, trees, barn, fence and kids.... Well, this has been a project. The trees are partly confetti method. I still need to add straw in the barn, sketch in the girls' shoes and pants, bind and quilt the border.  I do see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Hope you like it... Always love your comments.

Hugs from Mary

Tuscan Hill Country

Created from a vision in my head and the help of my DH,  the civil engineer who understands the elements of perspective.

Detail of the bell tower.
The wine bottle, grapes and glass were photos that I printed on white fabric backed in 'Wonder Under'.

Yes, that is a real cork from Greve in Chianti... I cut it in half and glue gunned it on.
Another Table Runner This past November my local garden club held a charity auction. My table runner garnered the highest bid at $360.00! I was overwhelmed with pride! Luckily, at the last moment, I thought to take a few pictures of it with my phone. They're not the best, but you get the general idea. I titled it, "Morning In the Marsh"
I set the runner on the carpeting to take the pics. The carpeting makes the background confusing, but that's the best I  have to show.
Swamp Egret is Completed!

It measures 13.75" X 24".  Tomorrow Swamp Egret will be on her way to Florida! Would love to have hidden an alligator head in the water. Too late now!
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A New Wall Hanging!I have been so busy making table runners for friends and charity auctions... it is nice to actually be working on something that I am being paid to do. I am going to bring a few pine pine boughs in from the top left corner, and stitch in some grass around the rocks. Not sure how I am going to stitch in the border... maybe a simple vine.

The white thread used in the water and on the egret is a very old silk thread... so old it is on a wooden spool! It has yellowed somewhat with age and matched the Fairy Frost fabric of the egret perfectly.  

When the hanging is finished it will be stretched around a wooden frame (which my DH builds) with 2" of the border showing. I'll post more when it is completed.
Hugs from Mary and Happy New Year!