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Go Red For Women

No quilt to share today... Rather, I'm going to encourage all of you to become aware... Aware of your heart! I was almost one of the women we hear about... Meaning, I came very close to dying of heart disease! And, I did everything right! This story makes me so angry! I trusted doctors. I clearly explained my symptoms. I went to specialists....  And still, I almost died.

      In 1990, I was having trouble taking a deep breath of air. That was my complaint. However, this simple complaint was affecting my life. If I had been a man in his mid 40's the doctors would have done a full heart work-up. But, I was a woman. I was diagnosed with asthma. Not one doctor took the time to just squeeze my lower leg... Yes, I was retaining fluid. I had full blown congestive heart failure. I had all the symptoms... They were overlooked because I was a woman.  It didn't matter that a variety of inhalers gave me no relief. It didn't matter that I would have energetic days and then …