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April Showers Mug Rug Blog Hop

Welcome! So happy you could stop by to visit on this beautiful spring day. Erin Davis and Madamme Samm have done a fabulous job of scheduling and coordinating this event...  To them I send ~ AGrand Thank You!
My mug rug is a bit on the large size and does not have a thing to do with rain, showers or April. In fact, I should have saved it for next month's bird blog hop.
But it is the one and only mug rug I've ever made,
and I just love it.  (Oddly enough, so does my DH)
It all started with this litte table located in our cozy reading corner of the kitchen.

It's functional because it holds magazines and has a lamp.  However, the top is not real wood! Tacky!  And, our kitchen is pretty nice... We love its open style and views.  Enjoying coffee there in the morning is quite nice. I wanted a nicer looking table.

That little table was just screaming... MUG RUG!
We have a bird feeder just outside the window that birds often visit, especially a cocky little Carolina Wren.
So I beg…

A Birthday Present from my Sweet, Talented Sister

My sister, Georgia Enid, is so, so talented.  Just look at this beautiful, spring table runner she made for me! A special birthday present for moi.

This is a super easy pattern. No quilting or batting involved.  Just straight stitch sewing.  A very good project for the beginning seamstress, or a quick project for the expert.

Directions For the Quick Six-Seam Table Runner
Fabric for 14" X 41"  1/2 yard for runner back and borders 1/4 yard of second fabric for center accent
Straighten cut edges and remove selvedges from both fabrics
Lay fabric right sides together, matching the long cut edges of the crosswise grain.
Using a 1/4" seam, sew each long side together, creating a tube. The 1/2 yard will be wider than the 1/4 yard, and this creates the border along the center accent.
Press the two seams open then turn the tube inside out.
Center the accent fabric so that borders are about 2" wide and even on both sides. Press, creating crisp border edges.
Trim tu…