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Wooden Quilt Address

The quilt block is finished and attached!

The darling DH getting the job done! 

The big picture...

Our sweet little dream cottage on the golf course; near the beach  now has a beautiful quilt to showcase the house numbers! The neighbors probably think it's part of the Christmas decorations. Won't they be surprised when it stays in place forever!

BTW... The window above the quilt block is my sewing studio.
I get the whole room over the garage all to myself!
I'm just a happy camper up there ;-)

Keep stitchin' for the ones you love! Holiday Hugs from Mary

Wooden Quilt Block... Finished... almost

I'm finished!!! After lots of taping and delicate painting, I can now say... "I love it!" Our address numbers will stand out bold and proud on this quilt block.
 The exterior of the house is the same color as the center light sage green.

So, drum roll please... here it is...

The next step is to spray a clear satin polyurethane to seal and protect the paint. After that DH and I will seal the plywood edges with a waterproof clear caulking and put a wood fame around the edges that will be painted the maroon/brown. 
When I get the barn quilt square hung on the house with the numbers I'll post it.
By the way...Head on over to Tops and Bobbins for a "Thankful" give-away!

Keep stitchin' for those sweet loved ones.
Hugs from Mary