Finished Great Blue Heron

I finished the border with fabric by Phillip Jacobs. It is giant chrysanthumums. (Gosh, I don't think I spelled that hateful word correctly!)  I love the colors and the size of the blossoms in it. I am going to cry when I run out. I don't think it's available any more. 

So, what to sew next??? I want to do some wearable art. Maybe a vest. Also, I've had a darling Carolina Wren pattern for a year that I have been wanting to do.

Oh... I also need to do my nephew's T-shirt quilt. It is most unimaginative and was tied with yarn tufts rather than quilted. I'm sure he would love to have it before the winter is over!

Lots of fun stuff to do! We all just keep stitchin' for the ones we love.

Hugs from Mary


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