I don't have my beautiful sewing studio anymore. We decided to get out from under the mortgage. That means we sold the house including my awesome sewing room above the garage! Bummer! But we're going to Italy in the Fall for a month.... not a bade trade off at all. Italy always inspires new quilts.

So we got creative with space. This house is 1400 sq' compared to the 2800' we sold. There are two bedrooms. That's it! The "guest bedroom" is my new sewing room. DH converted the closet into a lighted sewing center with my thread racks on the back closet wall. Not too bad. From now on I'll make smaller art quilts :-)  But, what to do about a bed in the center of the room???? DH to the rescue again. He built a Murphy Bed from a kit and directions off the web. His next project is a large work table that will fold up and go under the lowered bed when company comes.

The picture below is of the Murphy Bed. We've already had several overnight guests who liked it and thought it was a good idea. On with the construction of the folding work table. I'm eager for that.

That's it for now...
Happy sewing from Mary


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