The Italian Quilt if Finished!

Three years ago at this time my husband, Dick, and I were on a wonderful trip through the Tuscan Hill Country. Dick planned the whole trip based on what he remembered from visiting Italy 45 years prior! We traveled with another couple and forged our way through beautiful countryside, incredible vino rosso de casa, daily gelato, miles of walking, and the most incredible food!

When we got home I had to make a bedspread that told the story of our journey... So, 3 years later, the quilt is on the bed.

Take a look ~

The picture above is my representation of the floors in all the ancient catherdals. I saw almost the exact floor in St. Peter's Basillica. I used the Stonehenge fabrics from Northcott to do the large center. The fabric truly looks like slabs of marble! The cream colored fabric and the blue edge is from the La Scala collection by Robert Kaufman. Those two pieces so reminded me of the frescos. The covering over the pillows is also from the La Scala collection and takes my imagination to Venice, where we spent 4 days wandering the beautiful street and alleys.

These next two pictures show our Rome memories. I was so surprised when I came around a corner and saw the fabulous Umbrella Pines and all the wonderful ruins. Ceasar had the Umbrella Pines planted to provide shade for the city. It is such an unusual shaped pine and we were thankful for the shade. While in Rome we rented a small apartment in Trestevere, a small neighborhood and a very happening place. I have created an art quilt showing our most favorite restaurant with a great little enoteca next door. We were so happy to learn that an enoteca is a wine bar with free appetizers. They open all over Rome about 5:00 each afternoon and are a great way to start your evening.

You can see that I stuck a gondoleir in the corner. The picture also shows a better picture of La Scala Ristorante, our favorite restaurant in Rome.

The pictures below show the other side of the bedspread. Here we see a 'Hill Town'. Inside this little ancient town we walked the streets and discovered a perfect little cafe... Mordimi, Barga. I am sorry to say that Mordimi is no longer there, but my tastebuds will remember it forever! We had the most delicious lunch.... slices of rare fillet of beef quickly sizzled in olive oil, lemon and garlic! OMG! To go with it we also had petite artichokes that had been slow cooked in the same olive oil concoction. Of course their house red wine was to die for. ... right out of a barrell!

While we were walking the narrow streets of Barga, a tiny Fiat came whizzing by. We were pressed against the walls to give it enough room! Such a fun memory... The quilt just had to have a Fiat!

So there you have it! We both look at this quilt, smile with good memories and fall asleep to wonderful dreams.

Hugs from Mary


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