Transfer A Pattern for FMQing

I have been working and working on the Italian Quilt! What a project I've gotten myself into. I wanted to do a lot of swirly stuff by way of FMQing... But, I needed a pattern to follow. Simply put, I needed a cheat sheet because I can't just pull beautiful designs out of my head and make my hands perform. I needed lines on the fabric so that I could follow them.

I came up with....  Glad Press'n Seal, a book of designs I could legally copy, and my imagination. For those of you who don't know, Glad Press'n Seal is sticky on the back side and will adhere to whatever surface you place it on... In this case it's paper and then reapplied to fabric.

I copied the design/designs and put them together in the overall pattern that I wanted. Then I laid the Press'n Seal over the paper and traced the design with a Sharpy black marker.

Then I carefully placed the Press'n Seal exactly where I wanted it on the fabric and made sure it was nice and stuck on the fabric. I just love that sticky stuff on the back side of the plastic. You can pull it up and
re-position it as many times as you want!

Now I'm ready to sew right on top of the black lines. And, guess what??? When I'm done I just pull the plastic Stretch'n Seal off, the stitching stays in place and you all think I'm so talented because I can sew such beautiful swirly designs freehand!! What a smarty pants I am!

Puny Puss the Ranch Cat  thinks I'm pretty clever, too... What a kick!

Keep stitchin' for the ones you love.
Hugs from Mary


  1. That sure beats the tissue paper method! A super idea!

  2. What a great idea...thanks for sharing...I have this press and seal and do not like it...for food you have given me a new way to use it....your work is beautiful....

  3. Great idea! Will have to give that a try soon!

  4. Very clever you got me thinking!

  5. Very cool! I must try that too.

  6. Very interesting! Did you have any trouble with 'sticky stuff' getting on your needles?

  7. ohhh this is great! thanks for sharing how to do it! I would like to invite you to join us in my blog's link up Off the Wall Friday - where art quilters share their creative posts for the week. We find it inspiring, as well as motivational.

  8. I don't do traditional quilting, but I do like the designs you found in that book. You could use them for art quilts.

  9. That is super great. I am surely going to be trying that this weekend. THANK YOU

  10. WOW...Who knew, what a great tip !!!! love it..Thank you for stopping by T,T & T at SimpleSEw's linky party. I will value all the tips. I am pinning this one forsure to share..

  11. Mary, yes, love the kitty piece at the top of your blog. And what a great tip, I'll be buying some Press'n'Seal to try your method. Seems much better than marking. Just wanted to let you know your email link in your profile does not link up. I wanted to say thank you for the comment on my blog, and I'd be curious how you'd be printing onto fabric. I'm still learning about it myself.

  12. Neat Idea "pressnseal" got it in the cabinet


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