New Fabric!

I went fabric shopping... I really wasn't going to buy anything...Really!!!
 But, I found this great shop in Winston Salem, NC.

Although there are not any batiks, it is loaded with modern fabrics from the hottest designers. 
I got two great pieces to make into A-line skirts for our trip to Italy in September. 
I found both in the "sale" area.
 Karen has a famous $6 a yard wall! Fabric to die for!

Here's the fabric for my fun skirts...

I'm going to use the Amy Butler pattern.
 My plan is to take T-shirts that will go with
both skirts and pairs of black and khaki capris.
 This girl will be traveling lite!!!

I also got some darling fabric to make gathered skirts for these two cute little girls...

Meet my darling grandnieces, Avery and Caroline!
Here is the fabric for the little skirts...

I thinik Avery, the older of the two - 5 years old - will get the green skirt.
Caroline needs the Carolina Blue one.
Sweet Caroline is a very talkative 3 year old. 
Check out their new 8 week old sister...

Here lies the best baby ever!
She sleeps through the night! She coos and smiles! She rarely fusses!
Elena Claire is precious!

Oh, I have also been busy in the yard with DH... 

Here's the front door and courtyard.
And, here's the front yard...

We can hardly wait for the 50+ impatients we planted to get bigger and bigger!
Here is the newest raised bed. My DH, Dick, built the brick wall. I love it! Six years in the house,
and we're finally done with landscaping the front.
The remaining pile of mulch is going on the flower beds in the back yard.

My daughter, Amber, made the most adorable yard wreath...

It's filled with succulents and moss.
And, yes... there are baby bluebirds in the box.

Someday soon I'm going to tell you about Emma Kate, Canon and Carter...
 My other sweet grandnieces and grandnephew.

That's it for now!
Keep stitchin' for the ones you love.

Hugs from Mary


  1. Cute pics of the kids! And I love your landscaping...wish I had you here in my yard. :) blessings, marlene

  2. Love the new fabric! The planter wreath is wonderful! How creative!

  3. Just got to read this! Thanks for featuring the girls - so cute. They love their skirts and wear them all the time! The front yard looks great. We love you and miss you!!


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