Funky Bear is finished

I have finished Emma Kate's baby quilt and will get it in the mail to her tomorrow. I added a bumble bee on one of the flowers because this summer we had a family reunion and called it the "Buzzin' Cousin" Reunion. Everything was bumble bees... even on our tee shirts that we made. Well, Emma Kate will be the newest "Buzzin' Cousin" when she soon arrives.

I also took the scraps from the quilt, added a daisy flannel fat quarter and made a mini quilt to keep in the diaper bag. That way Emma Kate's mommy will always have a clean place to put that cute pink bottom when changing the diaper on the go.

So here is Little Funky Bear all finished...

He is so very cute!

Now I'm free to start working on my art quilt projects. I'm anxious to get back to the trees!
Keep stitchin' for the ones you love!
Hugs from Mary


  1. :) This just makes me smile so much! It is absolutely precious....I can not say thank you enough! Love it and love you!!


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