"Hang it on a tree" Postcards

I needed to write several thank you cards to friends. I decided to send them each a quilted postcard. I fused a fabric Christmas ornament onto a crazy quilted background and then started having some fun...

Using free motion quilting, I stitched in some pine boughs. However, here's the kicker... I used a double needle!!!! How do you like that?! What a fun discovery. I used two different colors of green and went to town with a back and forth motion. It was easy to do and I love the effect. On one of the postcards I stitched in the branch with a variegated brown/black polyester thread. On the other card I just drew in the branch. Do you see the difference? I also discovered that by going side to side with a double needle I got one thick line of the two colors. Just curving slightly gave another effect.

For the back of the card I fused muslin and wonder under together. I then trimmed the edges to 8.5" X 11" and ran it through my printer to get the tiny label at the bottom of the postcard as shown in the picture. I zig-zagged metallic gold around the edges as the final step.

The post card in the previous blog entry did make it all the way from me in NC to Elizabeth in CA. It arrived in great shape. She couldn't believe it. I really am loving this sending postcards idea. It is great fun.

Keep stitchin' for the ones you love!
Hugs from Mary


  1. I love them , our quilt guild is presently exchanging postcards with another guild in Saskatoon , I love making postcards , quite addictive . I'll have to try the double needle , great idea.

  2. Wow, those are pretty! At our guild meeting in October we had a program on postcards. I thought that was the coolest idea. Loved it!

    I can't wait until life settles down to make one!

  3. Great idea, using twin needles with your free-motion quilting. I'm anxious to try it. thank you!

  4. Your postcards are fabulous. Brilliant of you to use two needles with two shades of green for the added dimension. Blissful Inspirations...


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