Sweet Mom

I'm just thinking today about my mom and how lucky my sister and I were to have her. You see, she was a very talented Home Economics teacher at Bolsa Grande HS in Garden Grove, CA and she taught tailoring at CSU, Fullerton. All that talent had to rub off on us -- and it did. My sister, Georgia, is a first class seamstress and has the tedious skills necessary to do beautiful garments and quilts. I'm the younger sister who tagged along and sometimes paid attention to what was going on. Probably, because of that,  I am much more free spirit, spur of the moment, go where the fabric takes me,  and love the way fabrics can fit together in art quilts.

What in the world brought on all this deep heavy thinking???  My daughter asked me to make a quilt... just a twin size quilt, but never the less a real quilt. OMG - I guess corners and points really do have to fit together. What's with that? Talk about confinement..(Mom... help, I should have listened.)  I had to follow a pattern. Wow, I'm like brain dead from that adventure! Luckily I found a great book with shortcuts :-) In fact it's called Crazy Shortcut Quilts by Marguerita McManus and Sarah Raffuse. You quilt as you go! Imagine that. They have a great technique for binding all the quilted squares together as you're making them. Their recommendation is to crazy quilt each square and then bind. However I used a different method for each square. I used Turning Twenty by Tricia Cribbs. You use a variety of fat quarters that are cut a specific way and then sewn back together to make colorful and interesting new squares.

Now for the drum roll... well at least move your pinkies... Here's my quilt... Okay, before you see it I cheated. Where ever the corners didn't line up perfectly I fused flowers at the joints! :-) BUT,... my mitered corners on the binding happen to be perfect, beautiful... Mom, are you looking from heaven? Your goofy daughter actually learned to do mitered corners. Imagine that! Wonders never cease!

Love you Mom, and thanks for all the help and tutorials. All of you who still have a mom helping you, give them big hugs and sloppy kisses. (Gosh, do you think my daughter is reading this?)
Keep stitchin for the ones you love,
Hugs from Mary


  1. I love it! At least your mom gave you some basics! My mom didn't sew and everythink I learned is self taught - this way if I make mistake, I don't really know it because I figure I never learned the 'rules' to start with :-)

  2. I know Grandma Enid would be proud. The kitties are a wonderful touch- and the flowers too. I have a lot of catching up to do in my sewing skill!

  3. Oh my gosh! I just spied the bitty mice!!! Cuuuute!

  4. Very nice!I love your blog! I miss my Mom very much! Enjoy!!

  5. Just come over from Stash, and your quilt is lovely, love the cats and mice! I miss my Mum too, she didn't sew, I am learning mostly from the internet and my blog friends. Linda

  6. Hi Mary, I came here from Sew We Quilt. What a cute quilt this is. Love the colors. And your use of batiks makes them look so wonderful too.


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