Sunset Beach Kindred Spirit Finished!

Another good learning experience and practice session. I solved the problem of the lettering on the mail box by actually using the alphabet that came with my sewing machine. I used a light gray thread and lower case letters. It just fit! What luck.

I also practiced stippling and am pleased with my result around the border. It took a lot of time and PATIENCE... but I persevered. The binding is Phillip Jacobs "Shell Montage" It seems to have all the colors in the piece and more.

The hardest part was stitching in the birds. You might notice that the sky fabric is different than the earlier post. Well, that's because I royally screwed it up when putting in birds. So, I fused another sky fabric right over it and started again. Only, this time I practiced a lot more on stitching birds.

Thanks to all who offered suggestions for the lettering. I got some great advice and know so much more about fabric pens now. What a discovery process this all is. Even better, all of you fellow quilters are so thoughtful and helpful. Thank you!
Hugs and keep on stitchin'


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