Make a Classy, Sassy Cell Phone Cover... Part 2

This is the cute, sassy cell phone cover I  started making several years ago. It is my own pattern that I'm giving to you because everyone needs to pull a cell phone out of a Classy, Sassy Cover!

We're going to make this one today...

You need:  1  crazy quilt piece that is 8.5" x 9".
                                           1  8.5"x9" lining fabric in a contrasting color or print
                                             1  8.5"x9" piece of fusible lining like Wonder Under
                                 1.5" of hook and loop closure  such as Velcro

 If you don't know how to crazy quilt, take a look at the blog entry just below:
Classy, Sassy Cell Phone Cover Part 1 .
It has the "how to" for crazy quilting.

So, here is what my crazy quilt fabric piece looks like. I didn't quite have the 8.5" length, so I added a strip of the gold star fabric at the top of the piece.  I am also using that same fabric as the lining.  The 9 inches is the side to side measurement, making the 8.5" the top to bottom measurement.

You want to make sure all seams are well pressed. Put your iron on the dry setting and fuse the Wonder Under piece to the back of the crazy quilt piece. Make sure you iron along all the seams. When the piece has cooled, peel the paper off the back. It should look something like the picture below.

Now we're ready to add the lining.  Put the right side of the lining against the right side of the crazy quilt piece.   Here is the only tricky part... If your lining fabric has a one way pattern, make sure that you place it so that when you turn down the cuff at the opening of the cell phone cover, the pattern will be going in the correct direction... Take a look at the orange and black fabric I used as the lining... I wanted to make sure the cats were not upside down  or sideways when I turned the cuff down at the top of my finished cell cover .

You are going to stitch around the edge using a 1/4" seam allowance. Because we want to leave a small opening in which to turn the cell cover to right sides,  we want to start sewing and back tack to secure the stitch. I also start sewing on a side rather than the top or bottom. Go all the way around and stop about 2.5" from where you started. Back tack again to secure the stitch. Clip the corners and turn your cell cover so that you have right sides out. I like to take a rounded stick to push all the corners and sides out. Now you're ready to press with a dry iron. This is going to fuse the lining and the crazy quilt piece together.

I also like to press down the cuff at this time. The fold line lets me know where to start my fancy stitching so that the bobbin threads won't show when I turn down the cuff.

So, the fun begins.

 This is where you get to use those fancy stitches on your machine. You also get to choose thread that is going to stand out on your fabric. This is the classy, sassy part. Have fun, be bold! You want this stitching to WOW! You are going to fancy stitch along all the seam lines on the crazy quilt side.

After you have finished all your fancy stitching you want to fancy stitch at the edge of the cuff on the lining side. Using the pressed fold as your starting point, fancy stitch around the edge of the cuff.

We're nearly done!

With the cuff up, fold your cell cover in half, carefully lining up the sides, and press.  Open the cover up and sew in velcro right below the cuff fold line. I use the 1" velcro. I cut about 1.5 " length and then cut that down the center, making  narrow strips, and enough for two cell covers. Making sure the velcro pieces will match, sew them in, remembering to back tack at the ends. When the cell cover is completed the bobbin thread will not show because of the cuff being turned down.

Now you're ready for the final stitching. You will need the same thread in the bobbin for this last step. Fold the cell cover closed, making sure the sides match. You can straight stitch or fancy stitch. Sew at the edge of the cover. Starting at the bottom corner, stitch all the way around. If possible, pivot at the corner and then stitch up to just below the cuff fold line. Back tack several times.

Fold the cuff down... Do a good finger press... Find your cell phone... Drop it in...

You now have a Classy, Sassy Cell Phone Cover!
Aren't you just something?
Keep stitchin' for the ones you love!
Hugs from Mary


  1. So pleased to have met you over at Stash Manicure! I am new at this and appreciate all of your wonderful ideas and tips! You tutorials as very easy fo follow..Thank you!

  2. I love your cell phone covers. They truly are very classy!

  3. Loved your tutorial about floor covers. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us at Sew We Quilt! (Nice cell phone cover, too!)

  4. Found you at Madame Samms! Great tutorial - Thanks!

  5. Wonderful post at Sew We Quilt and I jus tlove the cell phone cover too. THanks so much for joining in on the fun. I also love your blog...

  6. This is a great tutorial! I came over from Madame Samm's! I would click to follow you but the app is missing....

  7. Your article on making a floor cover was great. I also like the mobile phone case. Will be following your blog now that I have found it.

  8. Wow, great tutorial. I just came over from Sew We Quilt and looked at all of your blog posts. You do beautiful work. I love the cover you did for your friend when she had had foot surgery! What a wonderful thing to do to make it easier for her.

    I look forward to visiting your blog in the future!

  9. Glad to have found you too via Stash manicure. This is a great idea and I' betting some of my family members will be finding one of these in their stockings this Christmas.

  10. Coming over from Stash Manicure, too. What a great blog you have here! You do beautiful work!

  11. That is the snazziest darned cell phone bag that I have seen - beautiful batiks and great stitching = I needed something fun to do this morning =]

    I came over from mme samm's - many thanks for the tut there. You have a stunning kitchen !

  12. Great post at Mme Samm's Thanks!!

    looking forward to reading your archives.

  13. I came here from Sew We Quilt and am following you now! What a great tutorial :)
    I am new to blogging too, please check out my blog :)

  14. i am a new follower sent over from Sew We Quilt. Thanks for the great tutorial for floor quilts. I have done this years ago but put holiday scenes on the floor cloths.

  15. Thank you for this tutorial I have a friend that asked me to make her one!

  16. It's lovely, thanks for explaining!

  17. What lovely cell phone covers. I've always wanted to have such cute covers for my cell phone. I love the way you explained it in details. I'm going to make one for me and my daughter so that we'll have a matching pair.

    Elliott Bellaire

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