Early Riser

We're making progress!! "Early Riser", a pattern by Mckenna Ryan, is now past the fusing process. You can see Elizabeth doing the final steps for the little salmon swimming up stream.

While Elizabeth was busy with the fusing, I was over at another work area doing my own creating. I have been wanting to do an art quilt that uses fussy cutting and drawing with oil pastel chalks, fabric markers and what ever else works. So here is my morning endeavor:

This is from "The Art of Landscape Quilting" by Zieman and Sewell. The book has wonderful instructions and pictures. This is the first project they suggest. So, I can't believe it, but I'm actually following directions. How about that? The leaves are fussy cut, and I enhanced them with a yellow fabric marker. I shaded the tree trunks on the right sides with a black sharpee marker. I drew in additional smaller trunks in the background, and highlighted some of the background fabric with a red/orange oil pastel. Oh, and... the leaves and trunks a attached with a good old glue stick! 

Now we continue with the free motion quilting... I think that huge salmon needs to be stitched in a gold metallic. Make that big guy flashy in the morning sun.

So much fun...
Keep stitchin' for the ones you love!

Hugs from Mary


  1. Those trees and gold leaves are absolutely beautiful!!

  2. I really love those fish! They look amazing - metallic thread would be brilliant :)

  3. Wow-love the updates to see your work. Very pretty.

  4. Great work! Thanks for sharing your progress.

  5. I have that book from Nancy Zieman but have never made anything from it yet...I think you inspired me....I am going to try one...soon...


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