Bird Island continued

One of the really neat things about Bird Island is the "Kindred Spirit" mail box.  It's along the way as you walk towards the Little River jetty. The mail box is nestled in the dunes with a bench for resting, viewing, thinking, reading, reminiscing... You can find all kinds of notes, letters, journals, sketches in the mailbox itself. So here comes my big "Ah Ha" idea. I need to put the mailbox in the picture! Wow, that overwhelmed me.

So, on the left you can see what the mailbox looks like for real. And, this is how I did it in the quilt.  Now... all you bright people out there, explain to me how I get the lettering on my mailbox! ??? All I can think is a very fine point fabric pen in a light gray.  Does that even exist? See, this is where I come across as the beginner, newbie, less than an amateur. I will not be daunted by this task. I'm searching on line right now to find my answer. I was a First Grade teacher. Put the pen in my hand and I can do the perfect printing!!!
Wait a minute, I invited friends for dinner tonight. I have to clean the house and find a good recipe for something... Oh lord, what is my menu?  FRANTIC!

I'll be back...

Okay... who's the clever one?  While cleaning the bathroom, I heard one of you whisper, "Embroider it."  I'll do that if there's no way to print it... (I print better than I embroider)


  1. These setaskrib markers are permament and come in a wide variety of colors. Here is a link to them at Dick Blick art supplies.
    Hope this is some help! Me,I like the embroidery idea ;) Love the quilt!!

  2. After you left a comment on my blog, I checked yours out. Love your landscape works, and your waterfowl! Are you a member of paqa-south? You should join if you're not a member already.

  3. Try a micron pen but make sure you set it with ironing. And keep up the great work!


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