This is an article about how I designed my first art quilt. I picked a design. I looked at fabric. The fabric gave me inspiration that changed my design. With the changed design I had to choose new fabric. Once I bought the fabric I took it home and started cutting it. Realized I didn't have enough fabric and went back to the fabric store for more. Found new fabric that created a different inspiration and had to start all over again.

I think I finally have enough fabric. So I'm cutting it out again. Wait, maybe I need one more piece or an extra 1/4 yard of this one. NO! Control those fabric buying instincts. I will use what I have.

I have now cut out all my pieces and WonderUndered the hell out of it. Let's start stitching. At first I sucked at Free Motion quilting. My herons were electric blue. And I don't know when to stop and just keep adding more and more stitching. I practiced first on the quilt my daughter spent days making. I ruined it in learning how to make the pretty designs. Don't worry, I'll make her a new one and someday it will actually be finished, you know, before I die or my hands get so arthritic that I can't move them anymore.

So I have free motioned this new quilt and it looks pretty good (where the hell are my magic finger gloves!). I'm ready to try more difficult things. Like Sea Horses and Canadian Geese and Herons perched in pine trees.

Maybe someday I will finish my daughters quilt.


  1. In trying to help my mother create a blog I accidentally erased the first article she wrote. This was my attempt to recreate that article for her.


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