One way to do three dimensional objects on an art quilt

Look at the autumn leaf on my blog name just above. It is part of a wall hanging designed by Nina Stevens, called Autumn Oak, as pictured. Do you see how the leaves seem to float on the quilt? This is not the technique Nina suggested, but it is a technique I want to share with you today. It is not an original idea, rather one of those things you see or hear about and then tweak it to meet your needs. And, you won't believe how simple it is to do. All you need is a light weight fusible interfacing and the fabric for the shape you want to emphasize.

Here is how you do it...
  1. First look at the interfacing and think of the side with the fusing as the right side (it will feel bumpy). The side without the fusing is the wrong side (it will feel smooth).
  2. Draw the shape you want on the wrong (Smooth) side of the interfacing remembering to include a quarter inch seam allowance. If, while you are drawing the shape, the pen feels like it is drawing on a bumpy surface - you are probably drawing on the fused side which is the "right" side of the interfacing. That would mean you need to turn the interfacing over and draw on the smooth "wrong" side.
  3. Now that you have drawn your shape on the smooth side of the interfacing you are going to take the interfacing and the fabric - put right sides together - that means the bumpy side of the interfacing will face the right side of your fabric. Pin the two together and stitch on the interfacing side following the lines you have drawn. Go all the way around the shape. Do not leave an opening.
  4. When stitching is completed, trim corners and carefully clip edges to get ready for turning the fabric.
  5. How are we going to turn this to the right side if we didn't leave an opening... Easy - carefully put about a 2" slit in the interfacing. Now you have a hole to turn the shape through. Finger press and use a toothpick, scissor points.. whatever works to push out all the points to the right side.
  6. Place your shape on the quilt where you want it to be. Remember the fused side of the interfacing is facing out and when you press the shape in place; the interfacing will bond and hold the shape while you free-motion stitch any design you want.
That's it! You have a nice clean edge, the shape floats on the quilt, and you can easily stitch the design. I works for balloons, Christmas ornaments, flags, butterflies, ... just about anything and adds a nice dimension to your quilt.

Keep those fingers busy!
Hugs from Mary...


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